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Kitchen'ing' your way to wellness.

Discover the healing secrets of cooking herbs and turn your kitchen into the frontline of defense for your family's health.


In my clinic, I provide consultations offering personalized diet and lifestyle guidance rooted in Ayurvedic principles.


I have been sharing Ayurvedic wisdom through teaching at various schools and conferences since 2014.


In your own kitchen, find simple yet effective ways to keep your family healthy.

Client Testimonials

Lactose Intolerance;

Jack, 39,  San Jose

I had the problem of not being able to digest milk. Conventional doctors had suggested taking it out of my diet.   When I went to Vaidya Shaaranya, she clearly explained how milk is heavy and how it can be mixed with therapeutic kitchen spices and cooked to remove the heaviness and make it easy for digestion. She suggested a spiced-milk recipe that makes the milk more digestible and, surprisingly, it worked. Something that has been troubling me for last eleven years is now resolved!

Conquering Anxiety and Inability to Focus;

Jim, 38, San Jose

In the last four years, I was noticing a lot of anxiety, getting angry, uneasiness, heaviness of head, cracking in my bones, and an inability to focus. I was not able to find the reason for that. I was eating salad and lot of raw foods thinking that raw is good for my body. She said - "But that is increasing your VATA". Oh, so I was doing the opposite of what was good for me! I am following what she said and it is working for me. Now I am calmer and able to focus. She solved all of that by just making proper diet and lifestyle changes.

Defeating Constipation;

Shyam, 35, Sunnyvale

Ghee is such an important part of our health.

I would always discard it as a fat-increasing substance. But she explained what an important role it played in lubricating the stomach and making bowel movement easier.

Earlier I would have to drink a few glasses of water and wait and sometimes it would not work, but now, taking ghee with milk has removed my constipation as well.

* Names and locations of clients changed to protect identity

Image by Andrew Small

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