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ayurveda consultant


In my clinic, I offer food and lifestyle recommendations based on Ayurveda.


Initial Diet & Lifestyle Formulation

Appointment 1: 60-75 mins

Appointment 2: 45 mins

Appointment 3: 30 mins

$300 (includes all 3 appointments)

See below for details



Follow-up Examination

Appointment: 45 mins

Only available for clients who have completed Yukti in last 6 months


See below for details.



Diet & Lifestyle Reformulation

Appointment 1: 60 mins

Appointment 2: 45 mins

$210 (includes both appointments)

If > 6 months since last Yukti

See below for details

ayurveda consultant


A 15-30 minute introductory call to assess if these services are a fit for your needs. There is no charge for this. This call is mandatory before I accept any appointment requests for the paid services below. This is always a phone call, please submit your number when you schedule Parichay.

The Basics

In my clinic, I offer food and lifestyle recommendations based on Ayurveda. Sometimes, if absolutely necessary, I will suggest Ayurvedic herbal formulations. Clients coming to my clinic are signing up to make diet and lifestyle changes that are customized for them based on classical Ayurveda texts. Most of the changes are implementable in your humble kitchen. I have seen over 300 clients who have received many benefits in chronic conditions (see testimonials below).


If you have never been to my practice before, you will need to make a commitment for 3 appointments. Other forms of appointments are offered only to those who have completed the full Yukti series.​

  • The first Yukti appointment is focused on understanding your constitution and current state while taking into account your full medical history. This appointment is for 60-75 minutes. Following this, I will do in-depth Ayurvedic research on your situation, consulting the Ayurvedic texts as necessary, and prepare a diagnosis and Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle plan.

  • The second Yukti appointment, within two weeks of the first appointment, is focused on explaining your Ayurvedic diagnosis and Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle plan and making practical adjustments as necessary. This appointment is for 30-45 minutes.

  • The third and final Yukti appointment, within one month of the second appointment, is focused on reviewing how the Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle plan has worked for you and making course corrections as necessary. This appointment is for 20-30 minutes.

  • The invoice is sent through Paypal but I offer you a choice to pay through Paypal (with an addition 3% fee or through zelle for no fee)

After the second appointment and before the third appointment, I will be able to accommodate at most two emails focused on clarifying any of my recommendations. I am not set up for emergency support with Ayurveda, or further communication beyond the two emails mentioned above. I am not set up to support clients over text messages or over the phone outside of the three appointments mentioned above.
Please note that I give my recommendations in detailed written form and go over it in detail during our appointment.


You may sign up for this if you have already completed a Yukti series in the last 6 months. This is to offer ongoing support when clients need more service beyond the three Yukti appointments.


I can answer at most two emails within 30 days of this appointment to clarify any recommendations given. 



If more than six months have passed since our last follow-up, you will need to sign up for a series of two appointments, the first of which will involve a shorter intake like in the Yukti appointment series.

The second appointment will involve providing the diagnosis and diet and lifestyle plan. I can answer at most two emails within 30 days of the second appointment to clarify any recommendations given.

Request Parichay (Introductory Call)


Lactose Intolerance

Jack, 39, San Jose

I had the problem of not being able to digest milk. Conventional doctors had suggested taking it out of my diet.   When I went to Geetanjali, she clearly explained how milk is heavy and how it can be mixed with therapeutic kitchen spices and cooked to remove the heaviness and make it easy for digestion. She suggested a spiced-milk recipe that makes the milk more digestible and, surprisingly, it worked. Something that has been troubling me for last eleven years is now resolved! 


Shyam, 35, Sunnyvale

Ghee is such an important part of our health. I would always discard it as a fat-increasing substance. But she explained what an important role it played in lubricating the stomach and making bowel movement easier. Earlier I would have to drink a few glasses of water and wait and sometimes it would not work, but now, taking ghee with milk has removed my constipation as well.

Knee Pain

Amy, 45, Cupertino

I had suffered from knee pain since 4 yrs, was restricted to perform some of my regular activities. After consulting Geetanjali in 3 meetings, I was able to find a huge difference in my performance. It was no medication, but merely change in my diet in the daily routine, since she diagnosed me with increase in vata dosha. To rectify the imbalance, I just followed her given regimen about my daily food intake for about 6 months and a regular follow up.Thanks a bunch Geetanjali, for your patiently listening to me and helping me to follow your suggestions. You have made me stronger to believe even more in Ayurveda.

Anxiety & Inability to Focus

Jim, 38, San Jose

In the last four years, I was noticing a lot of anxiety, getting angry, uneasiness, heaviness of head, cracking in my bones, and an inability to focus. I was not able to find the reason for that. I was eating salad and lot of raw foods thinking that raw is good for my body. She said - "But that is increasing your VATA". Oh, so I was doing the opposite of what was good for me! I am following what she said and it is working for me. Now I am calmer and able to focus. She solved all of that by just making proper diet and lifestyle changes.

Chronic Hyperacidity

Tarun, 34, Fremont

I had been suffering from hyperacidity for many months. I was experimenting with different things to counter this problem; BC 25, Mediterranean diet, salads, cereal with cold milk for breakfast. BC 25 helped but the Mediterranean diet did not. I followed Geetanjali’s recommendation of switching to Sunflower oil, eating more bitter and astringent vegetables, eating ghee upto 3 tbsp. daily, eating cooked food, and avoiding fermented food. It was not difficult to follow these recommendations. I followed them for about 6 weeks. I now have less frequent flare-ups of acidity (down from daily to 1-2 times a week). I even like the changes that I made to my diet. It's great to know what effects various foods have on acidity, and I enjoy eating the foods that work better for me. I don't need to take acidity medicine that frequently. As a result of this experience with Ayurveda, I feel more informed and aligned with my dietary needs.

Acute Gastritis 

Kavita, 46, Mountain View

Geetanjali came highly recommended through online research, and I reached out to her in desperation due to acute gastritis, coupled with various ailments like high blood pressure, stress, anxiety, and fatigue that conventional treatments failed to alleviate. Having exhausted traditional medical avenues, I turned to Ayurveda with hopes of finding relief. Geetanjali's approach was refreshingly flexible, tailoring a medication regimen and lifestyle adjustments to suit my specific needs and schedule, without overwhelming me. Embracing her recommendations wholeheartedly, I diligently followed her guidance on dietary choices and lifestyle modifications, and the results were nothing short of remarkable. Thanks to her expertise, I experienced a significant improvement in my overall well-being, bidding farewell to the nausea, bloating, and headaches that once plagued my daily life. Now, I enjoy a normal diet without discomfort, maintaining my weight effortlessly and feeling energized post-meals, a stark contrast to the constant fatigue I used to endure. This transformative journey has not only restored my faith in Ayurveda but has also instilled a newfound sense of discipline in my approach to health and wellness. Geetanjali's guidance has been invaluable, offering tangible evidence of Ayurveda's potential when wielded with expertise, ultimately reshaping my perspective on holistic health management.

Digestive Health Transformation

Jennifer, 39,

Los Altos

I came to Geetanjali with digestive issues, weight loss concerns, and feeling chilled after meals. I was facing indigestion, acid reflux, and constipation. Before seeking her help, I tried monitoring my diet, but the results were unsatisfactory and confusing. Realizing the need for true guidance, I followed her recommendations 95% thoroughly, which I found beneficial as I prefer dietary changes over pills. I am still adhering to these recommendations as they have become a part of my daily routine. The results have been remarkable: 80% of my acid reflux problem resolved, my bowel movements improved, and I felt relaxed afterward. My sleep quality improved significantly, directly impacting my overall well-being. My focus and concentration enhanced, allowing me to meditate better, which brought positivity and happiness into my life. This experience has transformed my outlook on health. I now recognize that food has the power to either harm or heal. Consequently, I started cooking two fresh meals a day, and my children, aged 12 and 8, have also begun enjoying simple traditional Indian food with lots of ghee, without onion and tomato tarka. Geetanjali's Ayurvedic treatment has proven to be very effective for treating indigestion problems, and I now appreciate the critical role of understanding food in maintaining and improving health.

Child's Chronic Bronchitis and Allergies

Bharti, 33,


My 5-year-old son's bronchitis, diagnosed when he was about 2 years old, led to severe bouts of cough and cold during fall and winter, along with bad allergies in the spring. His condition worsened over the last two years, with a stuffy or runny nose lasting for months. Seeing him suffer was heartbreaking. I decided to seek help through Ayurveda after hearing Geetanjali on the Vedika Global program on the radio.

Before consulting Geetanjali, I used inhalers and allergy medications that only treated the symptoms, not the cause. I wanted a solution addressing the root cause along with the symptoms. I tried to follow her recommendations up to 100%, though it was challenging, especially for a 5-year-old to suddenly stop eating certain foods like milk. Despite these challenges, I adhered strictly to the recommendations for 2-3 months and then gradually reintroduced restricted items as my son's condition improved and the allergy season changed.

Following the recommendations led to noticeable improvements in his cough and cold bouts, and his dry skin condition also got better. The arrival of summer provided additional relief. Although I haven’t seen huge changes in my lifestyle yet, it hasn’t been long enough to notice significant differences. However, my outlook on health has shifted. By following these recommendations, I feel more connected to the traditional practices of my ancestors, reinforcing the belief that staying close to our roots and avoiding drastic changes due to societal or environmental pressures can lead to better physical and mental health.

Holistic Health Improvement

Emily, 56,


Facing multiple health issues such as weight control, sleeplessness, anxiety, arthritis, stress, and allergies, I sought help from Geetanjali. For weight control, I had been taking herbal supplements; for sleeplessness, anxiety, and stress, I exercised frequently; and for arthritis and allergies, I relied on over-the-counter medication. The results were mixed: my weight fluctuated constantly, exercise helped with sleeplessness and stress but not anxiety, and the medications provided only temporary relief for allergies and arthritis.

I followed most of her Ayurvedic recommendations, though I initially found it challenging to start drinking the milk and oils. I adhered to these recommendations during the treatment period and continue to do so. As a result, I experienced less anxiety and stress, began sleeping through the night, and had fewer allergy issues. While my arthritis persists, the oil massages have been very therapeutic for any physical aches.

These changes have significantly improved my physical metabolism and mental outlook. This experience has increased my trust in Ayurvedic medicine, and I have also incorporated meditation and daily charitable works into my life. My outlook on health has become more holistic, recognizing the importance of treating the mental, physical, and emotional conditions collectively for overall good health.

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